1040 Tax Estimator
Very complete. Includes all types of Income and Deductions and Credits.

Quick answer for Income, Standard deductions.

Capital gains (1031 Exchange calculator)
Check the tax impact of selling your Rental.

Cafeteria Plan
Many companies offer Cafeteria Plans(Flexible Spending Plans) for Daycare Expenses, and Medical Expenses. Check to see your tax savings by enrolling in the plan.

1031 Exchange Calculator

1031 Exchange
Great calculator for "what If" scenarios Calculates Total gain. Deferred Gain, Adjusted Basis on new property.


PITI Fixed Mortgage Loan Calculator
The most complete calculator we have for mortgage scenarios. You can vary the Interest Rate, Period, make extra payments, etc. Then you can View and Print an Amortization Schedule.

Mortgage Refinancing
Will help you decide whether to refinance.

Bi-Weekly Mortgage
Shows how much you will save by paying bi-weekly instead of once a month.


Minimum Distribution Calculator
If you are at least 70 1/2 and must withdraw from your Pension Plan this Calculator will show the minimum amount required by the IRS.

Pension Planner
Very nice Planner. Lots of variables. Shows both growth and then withdrawals during retirement. You can print the results.


Debt Investment Calculator
Calculate "earnings" by investing in your own debt.