PDF Organizer

Each year we send our clients our Tax Preparation Organizer. It helps to summarize needed tax information.

This PDF version of our Organizer is completly editable. It can be filled out, printed, and saved.

Proforma Organizers

For last year's Clients only.

If you require a more detailed organizer than our annual organizer, we will E-mail you a detailed proforma, which has two columns, one which contains your last year's information and one for the current year information.

We have two versions: There is a PDF version which you print and then fill out. And there is an electronic version where you complete the information On-Screen and E-mail it back to us.

You can use the E-mail link to request this Organizer, or of course call the office and ask for one. Please include your contact information and specify which version you want.

If you request an Electronic Organizer we will return Instructions on how to sign-in and retreive it.

Electronic Proforma Organizer sign-in. Please note: the link shown below will not bring up the Organizer. It is only to sign -in if you have been directed here by our E-Mail response to your request.