Federal Tax

Internal Revenue Service
The Home page of the IRS.

Specific pages within the IRS site:

News Release and Fact Sheet Archive
A good starting place for past IRS News Releases. And by clicking The Newsroom Link at the top of the page you will go to the current News release.

FAQ Tax Issues
Searchable. Cross linked. Very extensive. Good starting place for quick answers to your Tax questions.

Tax Forms and Publications
The Forms and Publications resource page. From here you can link to Forms or Publications by Item number or Title. Also has previous years.

Tax Topics
There are 17 main categories for which there are topics. Each category is followed by a corresponding category number. Sort of an Index site. Provides links to Tax Questions, Telephone numbers and Addresses, etc.

Where to file
Just hit your state on the map to be taken to an address page.

Understanding Taxes
The IRS has developed an interactive, instructional tax program called Understanding Taxes to provide high schools, community colleges, and the general public with a technology-based instructional tool.

There is both a Teacher site and a Student Site. Each of these is divided into two areas of content (the Hows of Taxes, and the Whys of Taxes). Understanding Taxes offers both print and online materials to help you learn more about the history, theory, and application of taxes in the United States.

Independent Contractors vs. Employees
IRS site. Short article giving the IRS basic explanations of the difference between the two. Also has additional links to various relevant IRS publications.

Tax Scams/Consumer Alerts.
Some of the common scams the IRS sees. Includes the Dirty Dozen.


Glossaries Legal Dictionary
Searchable with cross references links.

Short glossary of IRS Terms
From Kerry M. Kerstetter, the Tax Guru. This guy is a man after my own heart and philosophy.

Nolo: On line Legal Dictionary.
I linked to this Legal Dictionary which is a Free on line legal dictionary. Nolo Press publishes & sells Self Help books like How to Form a corporation, Write you own Will,etc. I have used several of their books over the years.

Yahoo Tax Glossary
A good basic glossary. Also has many links to Tax Forms, Tax Tools, etc.

One Look Dictionary Search
Not a specific Tax or Law dictionary, but a great on line dictionary. A must bookmark for anyone who uses a dictionary on their computer. Results are shown for several dictionaries for General word use, then different Dictionaries for specific use ie, ART, BUSINESS, ETC.


California Tax

California Franchise Tax Board
Home page of the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB).

Specific pages within the California Franchise Tax Board site:

By Topic. Very extensive.

2009 Tax Calculator
If you know your approximate Taxable Income enter it and your Filing Status to get your approximate Tax Liability.

View Payments & Balance due
After getting your 2008 Customer Service Number (CSN) you can view your estimated tax payments, check recent payments applied to a balance due, as well as your current balance due, and a summary of each balance due year. Very handy indeed.

California Secretary of State
Home page of the California Secretary of State.

Specific pages within the California Secretary of State Site:

California Business Search
Use this search to check if a Corporation (or Limited Partership, or LLC) is currently registered with the Secretary of State.

For other States Tax Forms see our Tax Facts and go to State Forms.


Orange County, California

Orange County Home Page
Home page for Orange county, CA.

Property Taxes
Pay and review your Orange County, CA property taxes on line. Find by address or parcel number.

Orange County Assessor Department
See "Transferring Property to a Parent or Child," under "Property Events" in the right hand column.



Economic Freedom Network
Why are some countries more economically successful than others? Freedom. See comparisons of economic freedom of countries around the world.

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), one of the oldest free-market organizations in the United States. Publications, Lectures, Radio & Podcasts.

The Cato Institute
A non-profit public policy research foundation. They are against the war in Iraq and for the privatization of Social Security. A fundamental site for Libertarians. But Libertarian or not they offer excellent analysis on the fundamental issues of today.

The Dallas Fed
Great site for free publications on Economics, Money, Free Trade, etc. Surprising. Really worth visiting.



LawProse Inc
Bryan Garner is editor-in-chief of the newly published seventh edition of Black's Law Dictionary. He is also the country's foremost expert on Legal Writing. Seminar information.

Awesome Toffee
Our own Loretta Akers' site. Buttery-sweet candy and almonds covered with pure milk chocolate garnished with only the finest chopped almonds. Folks, this stuff really is awesome!

Healthy Habits Coach
Coaching services done primarily by telephone. Services include Life or Wellness Coaching and 12 weeks to Healthy Habits. Free Monthly newsletter.

The R Star Foundation
Charitable foundation. One current project is the building of a school in Nepal. Rosalind Russell, director.

Strategic intelligence. Written from a slightly unique prospective this site offers it's own analysis on world events. Often quoted in traditional news sources.